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home business tax savingsThe day you register a business your write-offs give you instant profits.

Simply, ask yourself would you rather have a $10,000 tax deduction or a $10,000 tax credit?

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Deductions for the small business owner are plentiful!

1. Calculate Your Savings: Go down the list, add up each your write-offs using the calculator to the right and divide the total by 12. That is the money income your business just made you!

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1. Auto Expenses
You can deduct 55.5 cents per each mile driven, as well as all business related tolls and parking fees. Plus 100% when you buy a car and register it under your business.

Average deductions to go by:
Monthly Gas Expense: $200.00
Annual Toll Roads & Parking Fees: $400.00
Less 55% = $330.00

100% Car: $12,000.00

Total Annual Deduction: $12,330.00

1. Travel Expenses
50% of any meals you eat out (with or without a client in tow), any rental cars and plane tickets, and sometimes even transcription or translation services while traveling abroad.

Average deductions to go by.
Monthly Meals Expenses: $200.00
2 Plane Tickets Annually: $2,000.00
2 Car Rentals Annually: $500.00

Less 50% = Total Annual Deduction $2,450.00. 

3. Software and Subscriptions
Computer and software expenses can be cited as expenses up front using the Section 179 election, without depreciation, just like magazine subscriptions.

Average deductions to go by.
Total Annual Deduction: $3,500.00 

4. Health Care Costs
For proprietorships, health insurance premiums are 100% deductible.

Average deductions to go by.
Monthly Cost: $350
Total Annual Deduction = $4,200.00

5. Bad Debts
If a client doesn’t pay or a vendor doesn’t deliver, 100% of the bad debt may be deducted.

Average deductions to go by.
Annual $2,000.00

6. Home Office Deductions
If you work from home, you can deduct 1/5th for depreciation of items, utilities, insurance premiums, mortgage interest and repairs.

Average deductions to go by.
Total Annual Deduction $2,000.00

7. Business and Professional Fees
If you’ve bought business books, paid any fees to attorney, tax professionals and more, and their service is clearly related to this year’s activities, these all qualify as deductions.

Average deductions to go by.
Total Annual Deduction $2,000.00

8. Phone Calls
Business-related phone calls are fully deductible, even if you conduct them on your personal cell phone or home phone.

Average deductions to go by.
Total Annual Deduction $2,000.00

Online Business TAX Credit Profits

If your deductions are similar to the above, opening up a small business today will earn you in excess of $2,500 per month

Total Annual Deductions: $30,480.00.

Plus there are more deductions that can be applied like: 
1. Advertising.
2. Salary, Wages & Contract Workers.
3. Buying Property/ Depreciation.

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