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STOP Internet & Social Media Abuse

There's been a lot of abuse online from;

help me online make money1. Facebook selling your information to advertisers.
2. Google demonetizing your pay per click revenue.
3. YouTube deleting your account and subscribers.
4. Twitter censoring your messages.

5. Website Platforms designed to up sell you on the software they've left out.
6. Gurus teaching you how to create an income, when the only way they've done it is by
taking your money.

We Are Taking Back Control Of The Internet

We the people are putting a stop to this. We are;

Taking Back Control Of The Internt1. Putting our own content on our own website, instead of Facebook
and using Facebook to drive traffic to our website.
2. Getting our own advertisers and cutting out the middleman, like Google.
3. Creating YouTube videos that send people to our website to subscribe.
4. Sending out our own messages through email and text, instead of Twitter.
5. Getting Income Activator's all-including website platform where all the software is included.
6. Telling you how to create a website, get traffic and generate an income for free, instead of you paying for

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